Vitara Deep Cleansing Foam

৳ 350.00


-Vitara Deep Cleansing Foam (মুখের অতিরিক্ত তেল পরিত্রাণ পেতে,এর বিক্লপ নেই,ডিপ ক্লিন এবং উজ্জলতা প্রকাশ করে)

-In Details
Deep cleansing foam for deep cleansing Helps get rid of residual dirt, cosmetics And excess oil on the face
Reduce the cause of acne and add moisture to the skin. And nourishes the skin to look radiant, soft, touchable
Benefit Aloe Vera: restores moisture to the skin The skin is not tight after washing the face. Pomegranate: Anti-oxidants Helps to whiten skin
Benefit Chamomile: helps to strengthen the skin Reduce irritation Reduce acne effectively. Vitamin E: helps maintain moisture And reduce the roughness of the skin to youthful skin Smooth, soft to the


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